Corporate Advisory Group (CAG)

During the period of special administration ATLA does not have a board of directors.  Instead, the special administrator appoints an advisory group to assist him to make the decisions that would normally be made by the Board.  These are decision which relate to ATLA performing its functions under the Native Title Act 2005(Cth) and the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2003 (Cth).

The Corporate Advisory Group (CAG) meets monthly.  The current members of the CAG are:

Haydyn Bromley

Amanda Richards

Cynthia Webster


Julie Brady

Raelene Webb (Extenal)

Wayne Matthews (External)


Information can be passed to CAG members by sending an email to

Any Adnyamathanha person can request that they be considered to become a member of the CAG.  If you are interested submit a nomination to the special administrator seeking appointment to the CAG

Immediately prior to the end of special administration, a new board will be appointed by the special administrator for a two year term.  This will provide stability in leadership for the Corporation.  Following that initial term elections for vacant positions will be held at a General Meeting of the ATLA Members.