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Culture Heritage and Native Title Committee

The purpose of the CHANT is to ensure connection between Adnyamathanha culture and the activity of the Corporation by providing advice to the ATLA board (including the Corporation Advisory Group (CAG) and the special administrator under any period of special administration) on culture, heritage and Native Title.

The CHANT is an advisory body to the ATLA board.  This primarily involves meetings, discussion and making timely recommendations to the ATLA board on Adnyamathanha heritage, culture, language and traditional Lore and on matters that may impact upon Native Title.  The CHANT is not a decision-making body for ATLA corporate matters.  The CHANT can be tasked by the ATLA board to provide advice on any matter.  The CHANT can raise matters relating to culture, heritage and Native Title directly with the ATLA board.

Members of the CHANT have volunteered to provide their time to help all Adnyamathanha people – they are not remunerated for this work.

The CHANT advises the ATLA board on cultural, heritage and native title matters such as:

Cultural and heritage implications of Native Title matters including:

Part 9B of the Mining Act 1971 (SA) – Mining operations on Native Title land.

Pastoral Land Management and Conservation ACT 1987 (SA)

Heritage Places Act 1993 (SA)

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Heritage Protection Act 1984 (Cth)

National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972 (SA)

Authorisations under Section 21 of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1988 (SA) – Excavation of land

Authorisations under Section 23 of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1988 (SA) – Damage, disturb or interfere with Aboriginal heritage

Regulations made under the Local Government Act 1999 which impact heritage and Native Title

Work Area Clearance Agreements (WACA).

Providing advice to the ATLA board on the preservation of the Adnyamathanha Language.

Providing advice to the ATLA board on membership of the CHANT.

Providing advice to Core Groups as requested.

Providing advice to the ATLA board on youth and cultural respect development.

Providing advice to the ATLA board on Elders needs.

Providing advice to the ATLA board on applications for ATLA membership.

The full Terms of Reference for the CHANT can be viewed here


Sue Coulthard (nominated by members of the Wilton family)
Phone: 0482 917 598

Liam McKenzie (filled by Casual Vacancy – Darmody Family)

Leverne Johnson (nominated by members of the Johnson family)

Enice Marsh (nominated by members of the McKenzie family)

Charlie Jackson (nominated by members of the McKenzie family)
Phone: 0487 312 653

Jim Neville (nominated by members of the Ryan family)

Cherylin Waye (nominated by members of the Ryan family)

Teresa Brady (nominated by members of the Demell family)
Phone: 0459 518 774

Ian Johnson (nominated by members of the Johnson family)

Geraldine Anderson (nominated by members of the Darmody family)

The CHANT has six casual vacancies

Updated 18 May 2022


The CHANT six vacant positions for:

Adnyamathanha women from the Austin and Coulthard Families

Adnyamathanha men from the Austin, Coulthard, Demell and Wilton Families

If you are interested in filling one of these vacancies please discuss this with your family group and forward your details to

The CHANT represents all Adnyamathanha people, not only the families who have nominated them.   The method of electing the CHANT members was determined by the ATLA Corporation Advisory Group and was based on the recorded Adnyamathanha genealogies.   The names listed above received the most votes from ATLA members who identify with each of the family groups.  This method of appointing the CHANT will apply for the special administration period.   At the first ATLA General Meeting following special administration the ATLA members will determine how the CHANT will be appointed and who will hold a position on the CHANT.


One of the functions of the CHANT is to identify the right Adnyamathanha person with the cultural authority to participate in heritage site surveys.  The CHANT Terms of Reference explains how this process is conducted.

Any member of ATLA is eligible to participate in a heritage site survey.  If you would like to register your interest in taking part in a heritage site survey please complete the Heritage Survey Participation Agreement and email it to