ATLA Submission Supporting the Long Term Preservation of Lake Torrens

The Minister for the Environment, who is the Minister responsible for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Heritage Protection Act 1984 (Cth) (Act), has received an application made under section 10 of the Act.  The application is seeking long term preservation and protection of a significant Aboriginal area being the area known as Lake Torrens, in South Australia.  The Minister has appointed Mr David Williams of Clansadale Consulting to provide a report to the Minister under paragraph 10(1)(c) of the Act. 

The application was submitted by the Kokatha people who are seeking to prevent a mining company, Kelaray Pty Ltd from conducting drilling and mining activities on the lake.  Copies of the Kelaray Proposal and the Submission Public Notice are attached.

ATLA is preparing a submission to the Minister supporting the application for the long term preservation of Lake Torrens and invites any interested Adnyamathanha person to make a contribution to that submission.

In particular ATLA would like to hear your views on the following matters that must be considered by the Minister:

(a)       the particular significance of the area to Adnyamathanha  people;
(b)       the nature and extent of the threat of injury to, or desecration of, the area;
(c)        the extent of the area that should be protected;
(d)       the prohibitions and restrictions to be made with respect to the area;
(e)       the effects the making of a declaration may have on the proprietary or pecuniary interests of persons other than the Aboriginal or Aboriginals who made the application, or on whose behalf the application is made;
(f)        the duration of any declaration; 
(g)       the extent to which the area is or may be protected by or under a law of the State or Territory, and the effectiveness of any remedies available under any such law; and
(h)       such other matters (if any) as prescribed.

If you would like to make a contribution on any of the points (a) to (h) above, please email your submission to no later than 7 February 2021 so that it can be incorporated into the ATLA response.