Members of the public are able to attend open meetings however there are several requirements that must be adhered to for attendance to be permitted. Details and requirements are listed below:

The hearing of the trial for the ATLA court case seeking access to the trust records of the Adnyamathanha Master Trust has been rescheduled to begin on Wednesday 30 March 2022 at 10:15am. The trial will be heard at the Supreme Court of South Australia, located at 1 Gouger Street, Adelaide SA 5000.

Court hearings are open to the public, and if you wish to attend the hearing, there are several requirements to keep in mind:
Due to COVID-19:
o    You must wear a mask at all times within the Court buildings unless you have a medical exemption.
o    You should not come to Court if you:
§  are required to isolate or quarantine by SA Health directions,
§  have been tested for COVID-19 and are awaiting results, or
§  are experiencing symptoms – a fever or chills, cough, sore throat, runny nose, shortness of breath or loss of taste and smell (with no alternative illness that explains these symptoms).

Upon arriving at the Courtroom:
o    It is customary to stand and bow when entering and exiting the Courtroom, and whenever the Judge enters or leaves the Courtroom.
o    Seating is provided for the public at the back of the Courtroom.
o    Talking, smoking, eating, chewing gum, video cameras, photo cameras, and recording devices are not allowed in the Courtroom, and mobile phones should be switched off.
o    As attending Court is a formal occasion, neat and smart clothing should be worn.
More information is available on the Court’s website at:

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