Message from the special administrator
Dear ATLA members, common law holders and other interested persons
I have received an update from the SA Supreme Court that the Chief Justice is likely to deliver his judgment in the ATLA -v- Rangelea Holdings Pty Ltd case by mid-March 2023.
Once the Court has delivered judgment, the Court may then adjourn for a period of a week or two to allow formal orders to give effect to the Court’s judgment to be prepared.  The parties will then return to Court for those formal orders to be made.
As a reminder, the orders that ATLA and the individual claimants have been seeking in this Court case are primarily as follows:
  1. to appoint an inspector to investigate the administration of the Adnyamathanha Master Trust; and
  2. for Rangelea to grant ATLA and the individual claimants access to the Adnyamathanha Master Trust’s records, including the Master List of Adnyamathanha Common Law Holders.
I will keep you informed of the judgment as soon as it is known.
Receiving the Court’s judgment will be an important step forward in resolving the issues between ATLA and Rangelea.  However, depending on how the Court decides, it may still be some months before the royalty money can be distributed.
Yours sincerely
Peter McQuoid