Eight drill collar sites, covering an area of about 100m x 100m, were cleared by an ATLA cultural heritage survey team between 2007 and 2009, with no features of cultural significance identified at the time.

Havilah Resources is planning to go back to the exact sites (and nowhere else) to complete decommissioning of the eight wells in accordance with Department of Energy and Minerals requirements.

Surface disturbance during this decommissioning work will be minimal presenting less risk to any surrounding area than the original drilling.

Maps and photographs can be viewed here:

Between 2007 and 2009 Geothermal Resources Limited, carried out drilling in the Curnamona – Frome Downs area east of the Flinders Ranges, in the search for commercial geothermal energy.  The company did not proceed with the project and in 2011 was taken over by its present owner, Havilah Resources.  Havilah Resources have determined that the sites should be decommissioned.

There were eight different drill sites and these were all cleared by a heritage survey at the time by senior Adnyamathanha representatives. The drilling was subsequently completed and the comparatively small drilling footprint area was fully rehabilitated on the surface (see photos in Appendix 1 of the Environmental Impact Report – noting that areas lacking in native vegetation were selected for the drilling sites in order to cause minimal disturbance).  At the direction of DEM we are now planning to complete the subsurface well decommissioning work, which will involve securely plugging the holes to prevent any surface collapse and removal of any projecting PVC casing. 

In accordance with DEM regulations we are required to give ATLA notice of our intended decommissioning work and to consult with you regarding the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and Statement of Environmental Objectives (SEO) documents, which are attached here in draft form. As part of the consultation process we will be very pleased to address any questions or feedback you may have on these documents before we lodge final copies with DEM.

Any Adnyamathanha Traditional Owners who would like further information on the decommissioning of the eight drill sites should contact ATLA.  Please see the “Contact Us” page on this web site for details.